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Administration charged with trying to suppress the incident

NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU) has condemned the alleged incident of "caste abuse" and "violence" against Saurabh Kamal, a first year B.A Spanish student, on Tuesday night. The Union has charged the administration of trying to suppress the "caste abuse" factor.

"We have been told by the police that the administration asked them not to mention caste abuse. We have also decided to approach the SC/ST Commission, Human Rights Commission and Minister of Human Resource Development," said Anand, convenor of School of International Studies at JNUSU.

Identifying the people they believe are behind the incident, JNUSU claims that the main instigator Mahendra Singh Chauhan, who is not a student anymore, has many complaints against him, but no action has been taken against him.

"Saurabh took his brother Amritashva, a former student, to Mahendra to ask him to stop harassing him. Mahendra gathered a mob and then beat them outside Lohit Hostel," said Anand.

"This incident is one in the long list of incident involving violence, threat and intimidation initiated by Chauhan and others in the University over the last year or so. Chauhan already has several cases pending against him, ranging from physical assault, threats to using abusive language in the University. However, the JNU administration has not taken action against him so far," the Union has charged.

While an enquiry has been set up by the administration into the incident, JNUSU has charged the Vice-Chancellor of deliberately denying its demand on including a member of the Equal Opportunity Office on this committee.

"The refusal by the Vice-Chancellor to acknowledge that caste abuse is the central factor in this case is a cause of great concern to JNUSU as it goes completely against the socially sensitive character of our University," stated a press statement issued by JNUSU.