Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The United Residents' Joint Action (URJA) on Thursday expressed shock at the violence in the Seelampur area of East Delhi resulting in the death of four persons due to police firing during the Delhi bandh on Wednesday. It accused the Administration of allowing the situation to get out of control and taking abnormal measures.

"The firing was totally unjustified and seems only a knee-jerk response to the injuries incurred by senior police officers at the hands of the mob. While the violence needs to be put down, the action of the mob did not automatically warrant such an extreme action of the sort that was exhibited at the site," said Rajesh Dokwal, URJA coordinator for East Delhi. Calling for restraint and reason to prevail, members of the group cautioned the traders as well as the State Government that taking extreme positions would only exacerbate the situation leading to more such incidents.

Refuting the perception that this was RWAs versus traders issue, NGO People's Action president Sanjay Kaul said there was no tussle between the residents of colonies and residents who might be traders by profession. "Politically aligned groups within certain RWAs who have created the problem have precipitated this issue, " he added.