Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: After vegetables, fruits and pulses, it's now Mother Dairy's revised price list that has budget-watchers upset and complaining here in the Capital.

Mother Dairy has announced that its revised rates are aimed at enabling dairy cooperatives pay a higher price to rural milk producers and to offset the increase in the cost of processing and distribution.

Complaining about the hike, a young mother from Prasad Nagar, Soni Pandey, said: "It's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the household budget with the prices of essential commodities shooting up the way they are. Also, with a growing child at home, milk is something that we cannot do without and the latest hike is definitely going to upset the budget.''

Mother Dairy's revised prices will apply to all milk variants.

Aresident of East Delhi, Sangeeta Kumari, said: "I run my house on a tight budget and we are just about recovering from the shock of increased prices of vegetables, fruits and pulses. This will put additional burden on our budget. We will have to cut down on planned entertainment and shopping. The Capital is increasingly becoming an expensive city to live in, specially for the average middle class families who have fixed income."