Here is a chance to catch the flavour of the season: peace. And celebrating it in its heroic forms, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti in Delhi are staging "Samrat -- the Last War of Ashoka'' to mark the 2550th anniversary of Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha and 100 years of Satyagraha.

While "Gandhigiri" might have already become a hit on the silver screen, this play brings to a smaller stage another follower of non-violence. It has been directed by Bhanu Bharti and written by well-known Malayalam playwright K. Jayakumar. Exploring history's most classic example of turning over a new leaf, the play deals with Ashoka's turn of heart.

A relevant play in these troubled times, "Samrat -- the Last War of Ashoka'' gives audiences the opportunity to reflect on the most significant episode in Indian history that transformed a warrior into one of the most celebrated apostles of peace. Written by Jayakumar who has won many awards for his work, the play is bound to give the audience food for thought.

Working together with a well-known name in the world of theatre, Bhanu Bharti has received numerous national awards. It is not the first time that the play is being staged for Delhi audiences. It first made its presence felt on the Delhi theatre scene last year.

Giving people a real example, unlike Shah Rukh Khan's celluloid version of the legendary king and his moment of realisation, the play offers a great deal of hope and an answer.

It will be staged at Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti on Wednesday. -- Mandira Nayar