Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: National president of the Indian Justice Party (IJP) and chairman of the All India Confederation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Organisations Udit Raj on Tuesday said Christian and Muslim Dalits should also be included in the Presidential Order of 1950 so that they too could avail of the benefits of reservation.

Dr. Raj said the Presidential Order allows SCs and STs under the fold of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism to avail of benefits of reservations but is silent on Christian and Muslim Dalits who have been deprived of the same benefits. The IJP president also alleged that the data collected by the National Commission of Religious and Linguistic Minorities on socio-economic and educational status of people of SC origin who converted to Christianity was incomplete.

In order to press for their long standing demands to include them too in the Presidential Order of 1950, Dalit Christians will hold a rally at Ramlila Grounds here on December 3, Dr. Raj informed.

Regional secretary of All India Christian Council Madhu Chandra said Dalits suffer injustice within Hindu religion and, when they convert, their troubles get doubled up as the upper caste Christians do not allow them to have equal access to education and other resources.