Devesh K. Pandey

"Was being groomed to carry out a terrorist strike at an airport"

NEW DELHI: The Delhi police have a strong suspicion that the young aircraft engineer who has been arrested along with another alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) conduit at Dwarka in South-West Delhi was being "groomed" to carry out a terrorist strike at an airport.

During interrogation, Imran Ahmad Kirmani purportedly disclosed that he was persuaded by his brother to quit the job of a technician at an aviation academy in Gurgaon earlier this year.

He used to get a handsome cut from every transaction of hawala money forwarded by him to his brother and other militants in the Valley. The money thus earned was much more than what he got as salary from the job.

According to the police, Imran was on the look-out for a job when he was arrested. It is learnt that he had been told by his elder brother to look for a job in a firm linked to airport functioning. As he was an aircraft engineer, Imran had connections with people working at different airports. He purportedly told the police that his brother had suggested that he take up a job at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here.

It is not yet clear if Imran's brother or his Pakistani handler Furkan had told him about any future plans to target airports.