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To be presented at India International Centre on November 21

NEW DELHI: Recognising young talents in the fields of literature, journalism, art, performing arts and social and cultural achievement, the Sanskriti Awards-2006 were announced here on Tuesday. The awards will be presented at India International Centre here on November 21. They honour young achievers in the age group of 25 years to 35 years.

The award for literature this year has been awarded to Bengali writer Mitul Dutta. A major voice in the field of literature, Ms. Dutta has imparted a new kind of rhythm to her poetry. Managing to incorporate her passion for classical music in her work, she has managed to blend both these worlds together.

The award for journalism has been conferred on freelance journalist Sachin Kumar Jain. Mr. Jain has written about marginalised communities and highlighted issues of the poor. He has relentlessly pursued stories to raise public consciousness.

A. Balasubramaniam has been awarded the Sanskriti Award for arts this year. Born in 1971 in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Balasubramaniam completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. He later went on to study printmaking in Edinburgh and Vienna.

Actress Ramanjit Kaur has been awarded the Sanskriti Award for theatre. Beginning her journey on stage when she was only 15, Ms. Kaur established "The Creative Arts'' in Kolkata in 2002 to impart formal, systematic training in various fine arts. Farhad Contractor, who has worked considerably in Barmer in Rajasthan, has been conferred the award for Social and Cultural Achievement. Mr. Contractor has formed Sambhaav, an organisation to support development initiatives of small rural groups.