Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The International Centre for Kathakali is staging William Shakespeare’s famous play “Othello” in Kathakali at its Qutab Institutional Area premises here this Sunday.

As the Union Ministry of Culture is interested in promoting and popularising the traditional Kathakali, the International Centre for Kathakali has come out with this unique project. Rather than depicting mythological stories such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, it is showcasing a Kathakali adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play.

The programme will begin with a welcome speech by International Centre for Kathakali Principal Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan. This will be followed by the presidential address by Sanal Edamaruku, President of the International Centre for Kathakali. Novelist Anand will be the chief guest.

The Kathakali dance will be performed by various artistes including Sadanam M. N. Harikumar, Kalabharathi Kalyanakrishnan and Kalanilayam D. Anil Kumar. Vocalists include Sadanam P. Radhakrishnan and Kottakkal S. Jayan.

The make-up and costumes will be done by Kalamadalam P. Kunhikrishnan and Kalamandalam S. Sunil Kumar.

Othello, a moor in the service of the Republic of Venice, is the chief of the Venetian Army. He and Desdemona, daughter of Venetian senator Brabantio, have secretly married. Iago, Othello’s standard-bearer, hates and envies him, especially after Othello made Michael Cassio a lieutenant instead of him. Desdemona’s father Brabantio hears of her marriage and goes to the Duke to seek justice. While he complains about the evil spell, cast by the “Moor” on his innocent daughter, Othello enters, summoned by the Duke, to prepare for war. Brabantio accuses him of the use of magic to seduce Desdemona.