Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla on Friday extended her wholehearted support to ‘Join My Village', a click-to-connect social change initiative which plans to give girls and women from disadvantaged communities in the country access to education and prepare them to build strong communities.

Join My Village gives individuals the power to inspire charitable donations from companies to impoverished girls and women in India. They can click, text and view content. Every click helps companies to donate more dollars to disadvantaged women.

The initiative is aimed at bringing women and girls from marginalised communities to centre-stage. It will create awareness among educated women to have healthy babies and educate their children.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative in the Capital, Juhi encouraged her fans to fund generously for the programme. “When you face a large problem such as this, it can be difficult to see how one person can make a real impact. That is why I am excited to be part of Join My Village, a unique programme designed to give all of us the power to help change the lives of girls and women in the country. By simply opening the Join My Village Facebook page, reading about humanitarian organisation CARE's programme in the country and sharing stories with friends we can open opportunities for women and girls of our country.”

In India, the funds will help CARE's programmes that promote learning at government-run boarding schools. Donations will help to provide training, education and support for maternal and infant health to pregnant women in Uttar Pradesh and to expand CARE's accelerated learning school programme Udaan.

The Join My Village initiative was launched in Malawi in 2009.

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