Parul Sharma

There is a decline since last year in most programmes in Arts and Commerce in off-campus colleges

Science courses have proved to be a mixed bag

The cut-off for English (Hons) remains high

NEW DELHI: Most campus colleges of Delhi University have registered an overall increase of 0.5 per cent to 2 per cent in the cut-offs for admission to several courses in Humanities and Commerce in the first cut-off list released on Wednesday evening.

However, some of the off-campus colleges have not pitched the cut-offs too high and in fact seen a decline since last year in most programmes in Arts and Commerce. The minimum eligibility criteria for Science courses have proved to be a mixed bag. While some like Daulat Ram College and Gargi College have kept their cut-offs lower than last year, Hans Raj College and Ramjas College have raised the cut-offs for most Science courses they offer.

“There has been a 1-2 per cent overall increase in the cut-off for all our courses. That was obvious because the Class XII results were very good. The cut-off for Science courses has also shot up because the number of students scoring 90 per cent and more was much higher this year,” said Hans Raj College Principal S. R. Arora.

Talking of B.Com. (Honours), the cut-off at Shri Ram College of Commerce has marginally increased to 95.25-98.75 per cent from 94.5-98 per cent last year.

To study the same course at Hans Raj and Hindu College, students will require 94.25-96.25 and 94.75-97.75 per cent, respectively.

Sri Venkateswara College is offering B.Com. (Hons) at 94.5 per cent, while at Ramjas College students need 94.5-97.5 per cent, up from 93.5-95.5 per cent last year.

The cut-off mark for B.Com. (Hons) at Lady Shri Ram College and Indraprastha College for Women stands at 95.25 and 93-96 per cent, respectively.

For B.Com. (Programme) -- which has received maximum applications this year -- the cut-off percentage has either gone up at institutions like Daulat Ram College, Jesus and Mary, Kamla Nehru and Kirori Mal College, or has come down as in the cases of Dyal Singh College, Gargi College and Maitreyi College.

At Ramjas and S.G.T.B Khalsa College, the cut-off percentage for B.Com. is 93.5-96.5 and 92.5 respectively. “It seems th e campus colleges have increased their cut-offs to be on the safe side. They have kept the cut-offs high as they do not want to over-admit students,” said a University official.

For Economics (Hons), the cut-off at SRCC is a high 93.5-96.5 per cent, up from 92.75-95.75 per cent last year. The same course is available at KMC at 90.5-94.5 per cent.

Economics (Hons) at colleges like LSR and I.P. will be available at a high 95.50 and 91.25-92.25 per cent, respectively.

The cut-off for one of the most popular courses -- English (Hons) -- for colleges other than the 12 institutions that signed up for the Combined Aptitude Test for English remains high.

At LSR it stands at 91 per cent, whereas at Hans Raj College it will be available for 86-90 per cent.

The cut-off for History (Hons) at Hans Raj has gone up from 80-86 per cent to 84-88 per cent. At Hindu College, it is available at 87-95 per cent.

Political Science (Hons) will require 72-84 per cent at Gargi College, a high 90-92 per cent at Hindu, 77-80 per cent at IP College and 83-88 per cent at both KMC and Miranda House.

“There are different reasons for increasing or decreasing cut-offs in courses. Like in Science courses we have not pitched the cut-off too high as there is a high drop-out rate in favour of medicine, engineering and other technical fields,” observed Miranda House Principal Pratibha Jolly.

“In Hindi (Hons) too, we kept the cut-off at a middle level as we were unable to fill all the seats last time. Similarly, cut-offs for English and Economics are high as there was a huge number of applications for these two courses,” she added.

The cut-off for admission to Chemistry (Hons) at Sri Venkateswara has drastically come down from 80 per cent last year to 74 per cent.

Gargi College has also witnessed a drop of about 2 per cent in both Physics (Hons) and Chemistry (Hons) that are available at 76.33 and 74 per cent, respectively.

At Hindu College, Physics (Hons) requires 91 per cent, while the cut-off for Chemistry (Hons) is 86 per cent.

Candidates who meet the requirements as per the first list have to complete their admission formalities at the colleges concerned by June 29.