Staff Reporter

To set up solar power plants

NEW DELHI: The North Delhi Power Limited and Tata BP Solar have joined hands to set up solar power plants in Delhi including rooftop ones that will be connected to the electricity grid.

These panels will consist of an array of PV (photovoltaic) modules which will absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. The electricity generated on rooftops can be either consumed directly by the owner of the rooftop or exported into the grid and also sold to NDPL.

Once operational these plants will not only augment power supply for NDPL consumers but will also be a source of income for them.

NDPL has already set up two such solar plants of 4 kW and 15 kW at its corporate office in Hudson Lines and at its training centre in Rohini. Now it further proposes to set up a 25 kW solar plant at the premises of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission. According to NDPL, the roof-top installation of this green power will turn electricity consumers into producers of electricity.