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Wife seriously injured, admitted to hospital

Robbery by the couple’s newly-hired domestic help suspected

House found ransacked, one of the cars also missing

NEW DELHI: A 65-year-old chartered accountant was found dead and his wife seriously injured under mysterious circumstances in their house at Srestha Vihar in the trans-Yamuna area on Sunday. The police suspect it to be a case of robbery by the elderly couple’s newly-hired domestic help as the house was found ransacked and one of their cars was also missing. The suspect is at large.

The incident came to light in the morning when Swati, a Gurgaon-based daughter of chartered accountant Yashpal Soli, called up one of his neighbours asking him to check on her father as he had not been answering the phone. The neighbour went to the house and found Mr. Soli’s 60-year-old wife Sudha lying in an injured state on the ground floor. Her hands and legs had been tied up and mouth taped.

Subsequently the police were informed around 10 a.m. “The body of Mr. Soli was found in his office on the first floor. There were no external injuries on his body. Ms. Soli was hit on the head,” said a police officer. He said the house was ransacked suggesting that it was a case of robbery. The police later found that one of the cars, a steel grey Fiat Palio, was missing.

Enquiries by the police revealed that the couple had hired a domestic help, Surjeet, about five days ago after their maid took a break from the job. Surjeet had been living in the servants’ quarter in the house. The elderly couple employed him apparently because he had earlier worked for them between 2001 and 2003. As Surjeet has gone missing after the incident, the police have launched a hunt for him suspecting his involvement. “As of now, we do not know what all valuables are missing from the house. It will be confirmed either by Ms. Soli or her daughters,” said the police officer. The couple’s other daughter is settled in Mumbai.

Ms. Soli, who has been kept under observation in Max Hospital, is yet to be declared fit for recording her statement. “The cause of Mr. Soli’s death is not clear right now. We have been told that he was a heart patient and had undergone by-pass surgery a couple of times. However, the post-mortem will ascertain how he died, whether it was poisoning or any other reason,” said the police officer.

The police are trying to prepare a sketch of the suspect in a bid to track him down. Meanwhile, Swati told them that she had visited her parents on Saturday and had left for Gurgaon around 9 p.m.