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Sales manager with an insurance firm arrested along with an accomplice

The accused would make the victims cross the cheques using a “magic pen”

NEW DELHI: A sales manager with an insurance firm has been arrested along with an accomplice for allegedly cashing crossed cheques issued by people to obtain credit cards offered to them. The accused would make the victims cross the cheques using a “magic pen” whose ink they later removed with an eraser.

The police received a complaint from Vimal Kishore Jugran alleging that he was cheated of Rs. 96,300 by some people. On July 2, he received a call from Navin Kumar, claiming to be a sales manager with a multinational bank. The caller offered him a credit card against his insurance policy and also told him about a provision through which loan could be availed of against the card.

Mr. Jugran accepted the offer and was asked to provide a crossed signed cheque and documents besides a photocopy of his insurance policy. The next day a man identifying himself as sales executive Durgesh went to Mr. Jugran’s house to collect the papers. Mr. Jugran already had a cheque crossed, but the executive asked him to furnish a fresh crossed cheque. He took out his own pen for this purpose. The executive assured Mr. Jugran that he would get the credit card within three days. When he checked his bank account on July 7, he found that Rs. 96,300 had been transferred to the executive’s account through the crossed cheque. He then got a case registered at the Sarojini Nagar police station.

Investigations revealed that mobile numbers issued and Durgesh’s account opened on forged papers. The police examined the transactions and found an entry about an instalment for purchase of a motorcycle on a bank loan.

Through the bank, the police found that the motorcycle had been financed by one Raj on a fake address. “Durgesh” was finally arrested at a bank in Nirman Vihar on August 3. Identified as Mohammad Yusaf, he allegedly disclosed Navin as the mastermind behind the racket. The accused disclosed that he would ensure that the victims crossed the cheques using the magic pen and then the two would remove the pen marks, fill up necessary details and withdraw the amount. At Yusaf’s instance, the police arrested Navin.