Madhur Tankha

NEW DELHI: As part of India Art Summit, the British Council is unveiling three art projects in divergent mediums for two days at its Kasturba Gandhi Marg premises here beginning August 21.

“Pheri Wala” by Rashmi Kaleka is an ongoing project of recording hawkers working in and around Delhi. The project started four years ago. The sound installation is a celebration of different voices of street hawkers. The voices are allied to the rhythms of our daily lives. Individual criers are differentiated by their attitudes reflected in their manner of hawking.

A cityscape is projected to focus our attention as their voices singly and collectively rise in a chorus that evoke a human soundscape.

The second project, “Navgunjar”, has been conceptualised by Vishal K. Dar in collaboration with Experiential Design Lab. In this, the main facade of the Council building will be used as a canvas, illuminated with a projection and synthesised with human presence and interaction.

Real-time tracking of visitor creates this parallel projected avatar on the facade (screen mounted in the middle aperture). This avatar — silhouette of the person — involves itself with the presently populated field of animal spirits in plenty like peacock, snake, bull, lion, tiger, elephant and horse. Depending on the speed of movement and stillness, the animal spirits move towards the human avatar. When a human avatar has eight different animals attached to it, it becomes “navgunjar”. This triggers various animated clips that present the condition of our relationship with other living creatures.

The project found its inspiration in a mural on the facade of a building located on one of the busiest boulevards of the city. The experience enmeshes mythology, sustainability and gaming on an urban level.

The third project, Public Access Digital Media Archive, is an online archive comprising densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not finished films. The collection is searchable and viewable online and is free to download for non-commercial use.