Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Sixty-five houses constructed for slum dwellers by the Robin Raina Foundation (RRF) in Bawana in North-West Delhi will be handed over to the allottees on Monday. Three hundred more houses are presently under construction.

Built at a cost of Rs.75,000 each, the houses are concretised structures and are part of RRF’s ongoing project of building over 6,000 brick houses for slum dwellers by 2009.

The project was undertaken to provide safe housing to slum dwellers who were deprived of their makeshift shelters last year due to accidents and fires.

The RRF is an organisation with its focus on raising funds for alleviating the cause of underprivileged children and fringe sections of society.

The foundation is presently involved in several projects including “Slum Housing Project”, “Raina Prayas”, “Raina Udaan”, “RRF Blind Aid” and “RRF Med-Aid”.