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No unruly behaviour would be tolerated, says Delhi L-G

BJP leaders protest against “undemocratic” behaviour of Leader of Opposition J.K. Sharma

Earlier a meeting was adjourned following loud slogan raising by Congress members

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party members of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi Standing Committee on Wednesday marched from Town Hall to the Lieutenant-General’s Office to protest against the “undemocratic” behaviour of Leader of the Opposition J.K. Sharma during a meeting. Since the BJP came to power in the MCD, Mr. Sharma has on numerous occasions thrown a spanner in the works of several civic body meetings forcing their adjournment.

After giving Standing Committee Chairman Vijender Gupta a patient hearing, Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna said no such behaviour would be tolerated during House proceedings and advised him to deploy marshals to police unruly members.

Mr. Khanna said the smooth functioning of the civic body was the prerogative of the ruling party as well as the Opposition and any deterrent to disrupt its affairs would be checked. He reportedly assured Mr. Gupta that he would direct Mayor Arti Mehra to consider employing the services of marshals to maintain decorum during meetings.

Earlier, a meeting of the Standing Committee was adjourned following loud slogan raising by Congress members who were protesting against the recently modified scheme for managing cycle-rickshaws in Delhi. According to J. K. Sharma the new policy was anti-poor. Heated exchanges between Mr. Sharma and Mr. Gupta compelled the latter to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Gupta later said: “This is an absolutely unconstitutional method of working. Meetings should be utilised for constructive debate. But if one arrives for the meeting with the sole intention of disrupting proceedings then there is not much room for gainful discussion. Every member has the right to express himself, but it should be done with some dignity.”