Parul Sharma

Decision follows success of the first such classroom establised early this year

Will help retrieve teaching sessions anytime

as they would be entirely recorded

Project to be launched on trial basis in select colleges; will be extended later

NEW DELHI: Following the establishment of Delhi University’s first virtual classroom on the South Campus early this year, efforts are being made now to set up a similar transmission facility in some select colleges of South Delhi.

The teachers of these colleges now need not travel to the South Campus to take classes as they can deliver lectures from their respective institutions using a laptop, projector, microphone and camera. As for the students, they can make use of electronic slates and laptops to take notes and save them on the computers. Since the entire teaching session would be recorded, they can also retrieve them as and when they want either in the form of printouts or DVDs.

The facility of virtual classroom was inaugurated in February this year by Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental. The Heads of the Departments of Psychology and English have been giving lectures to the South Campus students employing this method, while some other faculties have also expressed a keen interest in it.

Since this set-up has become a hit with the students, the South Campus will now install virtual classrooms in some colleges on a trial basis for a year.

“If the facility is successful, we will take it to all the South Campus colleges. This will benefit the college teachers in two ways. First, they can communicate with the faculty members of the South Campus more easily and regularly. Secondly, they can take their classes from their own colleges itself,” said South Campus Director Dinesh Singh.

The colleges have been identified for this purpose and the facility will be operational within a month, he added. Prof. Singh informed that on the South Campus everyone in the administration from the section officer upward is networked with the Director’s office.

“We use conferencing to record things to make the affairs more paperless. We are slowly moving towards e-governance.” In addition, the South Campus will soon embark on an expansion plan as it begins construction of a utility centre, a new residential accommodation for faculty members and an extension to the Electronics Block.

“The entire construction activity of the three buildings will be awarded to RITES and a memorandum of understanding will be signed in the next few days. They will take care of everything. Our job will be to supervise the entire work,” said Prof. Singh.