Manisha Jha

To segregate bio-degradable and non-biodegradable sections

To include whole of the NDMC area

Two dustbins to be provided in each house

NEW DELHI: The Health Department of NDMC has proposed reorganisation of its existing door-to-door garbage disposal system to expand its reach and also make it more scientific.

Under the scheme, the New Delhi Municipal Council plans to expand its home garbage disposal arrangement now existing in only 51 colonies to include all of the NDMC areas and also segregate the garbage into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable sections.

Said NDMC Medical Officer of Health, P. K. Sharma: “Our idea is to do away with street littering altogether and dignify the act of garbage collection and disposal. For this, we plan to identify six organised colonies in the NDMC areas where we will rope in educated volunteers from non-government organisations who will have identity cards and will go from door to door to collect garbage from the two dustbins provided in each house for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable garbage respectively. Thereafter the garbage would be collected using trolleys and then taken to our landfill sites.”

“To avoid confusion on how to categorise the garbage, the dustbins would be provided with names of broad items that could be put in either of the bins. Following this experiment in six colonies we plan to replicate it in all other NDMC areas which include a total of 70,000 consumers,” he added.

According to Mr. Sharma, the revamped system should start in one month and be in place in all NDMC areas by next year. The focus, however, is not just on making the system environmentally viable but also economically viable.

“Apart from undertaking awareness campaigns with the residents’ welfare associations of several areas to educate them on how to use the new system of garbage disposal and how to segregate the garbage, we have also suggested to the RWA’s to sign a memorandum of understanding with NGOs to have an agreement on the cost involved,” said Mr. Sharma.

At present, the NDMC has engaged four NGOs in its garbage disposal system of which one has incorporated rag pickers in its programme as well.

Said Mr. Sharma: “Instead of getting harassed by the police for mishandling garbage, they have been taken under the wings of the NGO called Chintan that provides them proper identity cards, employment and wages. So it is a multi-pronged strategy of garbage disposal that we are now aiming at with the rag pickers being rehabilitated in return for a cleaner and litter-free environment.”