Another victory for Team India, and we Indians lost no time going crazy over the game once again. Everyone is busy celebrating the great victory, but in the middle of the celebrations a question needs to be pondered over: can the loss of the coveted World Cup a few months ago be offset by the T20 victory? No doubt the latest victory proves the efficiency of our boys, but shouldn’t it make us think beyond the here and now? Money and gifts have been raining on the triumphant cricketers but on the other hand our national game hockey’s Asian Cup winners are getting a treatment that seems sadly biased in a democracy whose pillars are supposed to be equality and justice. Somewhere down the line we citizens are to blame for this excessive ecstasy and excessive apathy. We are the ones who overburden the cricketers with expectations that are wholly disproportionate and unfair.

I strongly believe that we need to alter the way we react. On the one hand we are brimming over with a display of “nationalism” on Team India’s victory, but why do we forget to celebrate and reward others such as Grand Master Vishwanathan Anand when he wins the world chess title and when our hockey team wins the no less coveted Asian Cup. Why is it that even our Government adopts a narrow-minded approach towards other sports? Sugandha Munshi

M.A. Political Science (II), University Hostel for Women, Delhi - 110 007.

No, Sir….

The manner in which some “patriotic” Indians hurled abuses recently on some British citizens visiting sites associated with the 1857 war of independence was most embarrassing and sad.

If these people thought that they were bringing glory to the nation through such acts, they were awfully wrong. It has never been our tradition to abuse visitors nor was our freedom struggle built on such a base of cowardice and insensitivity. The Gandhian upsurge subsequently was in fact the epitome of deep patriotism alloyed with an equally sincere humanism which respects all.

No doubt Indians have the right to never forget the inhuman acts perpetrated by the Hodsons and the Neils in 1857. Yet the best traditions of nationalism do not permit us to attack their descendants today. Indeed we shall magnanimously acknowledge that while the rebels of 1857 made great sacrifices and displayed heroism, valour and courage were not absent among those Britons also who stood up firmly against great odds in that storm.

I am sure all true patriots would join me in condemning all misguided assaults on visitors to our land and in welcoming all who come here to pay homage to those who are long dead and gone, irrespective of creed or nationality.

Dr. Devesh Vijay

Zakir Husain College, New Delhi - 110 002.

Bye-Bye, Tata!

I have been a Tata-Indicom (VSNL) customer since February 2006 and now, nearly 20 months on, I cannot but complain of poor service. The Internet service provider does not provide appropriate credits for drops in service levels, be it for downtimes or for low Internet speeds.

This non-compliance on their part has been reported to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Here are some hard facts. The ISP sold to me a "256 Infinity, Static IP Connection" (a broadband connection). Until this day, I get a mere 200 kbps (download) and 160 kbps (upload) speeds on an average. Even as per TRAI definitions that surely cannot be called "broadband". As on 21.09.2007, I had made 87 official complaints and 465 phone calls to the company. No available toll-free numbers make that an expensive proposition. I have had to spend 2,112 minutes of my valuable time on phone calls because of errors made by this ISP. I have put my tangible damages into a claim that currently stands at Rs. 170,129.25. The claim grows by the day, every time the service-levels drop.

For the first time, after all of 54 correspondences to the ISP, I finally got a letter from their senior management on 29.09.2007. That letter contains the most amusing and weird statements. A sample: “You will appreciate that retail Internet is meant for individual users and therefore are not provided along with the kind of assured service levels which a commercial Internet leased line provides.”

And then, among the many statements that they cannot help the service being the way it is, they state: “...we propose to discontinue our service to you.”

Ajoy Eric Lal

69, Munirka Enclave, New Delhi – 110 067.

Mobile woes

I purchased a Nokia N73 (music edition) on August 19 this year from Subhiksha store at SCF-89, Sector-14, Gurgaon, and found that two of its features were not working. I called the Nokia helpline number but they could not resolve my problem. I also visited the Nokia Care centre here in Faridabad, but all they did was re-load the software, which did not help again.

When I refused to sign the receipt saying that I was satisfied with their service, they promised to send the handset to their head office in Delhi and get it checked. However, nothing came of that too. When I finally got back my handset and took it to WLL Services, they discovered that instead of fixing my problem the Nokia Care people had mishandled my mobile.

Among other things, the keys have now become lose, there are scratches on its body, and the phone hangs every now and then. I fail to understand why Nokia has given franchise to people who don’t even know enough about the company’s products. Surely they ought to compensate me for the loss and agony suffered by me.

Manish Kumar Kohli,

House No. 1460, Sector-28, Faridabad, Haryana.

Hello, MTNL!

I have had an MTNL broadband connection (No. 26185471) for the past three months. I have been having problems with it from day one but all my complaints have gone unheard. Every time I call their helpline 1504, they say someone would be sent to set it right. But nobody is ever sent. Moreover, no senior officer is ever available to assist or redress my grievance.

I wish MTNL showed as much efficiency in attending to the customers’ problems as they show in despatching bills!

P.S. Raghavendran,

417, Sector-8, R. K. Puram, New Delhi- 110 022.

A killjoy

I mailed a greeting card from the Sant Market post office in Mahanagar, Lucknow, on September 10 so that it would reach my aunt before her birthday on September 16. She lives at 16-B, Pocket A, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi-110 025. I was quite excited that this self-crafted card would be a surprise to her. But the card did not reach its destination. It seems some corrupt and greedy postal employee destroyed it after taking out the stamp. Just for the sake of a petty amount, he killed our joy.

Ayesha N. Alavi

Class IV B, Loreto Convent, Lucknow – 226 001.