Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi International Airport (P) Limited has commissioned a new Internet protocol-based digital EPABX system with advanced multimedia applications and services to improve passenger services.

With the implementation of the exchange, the airport will now have a new set of telephone numbers.

Callers can now dial: 011- 2566 1000 for Terminal 1 (both 1A & 1B); 011- 2560 2000 for Terminal 2 (International) and 011- 2560 1000 for International Cargo Terminal.

Callers can now avail themselves of advanced voice and multimedia features. The system is also beneficial to the security agencies based at the airport as it can trace back malicious calls through Caller Line Identification (CLI) and call detail log, said a DIAL release on Thursday.

“The new exchange will benefit passengers and callers from outside as they can now directly reach any,” said a DIAL spokesperson.