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TEASER: An image from National Geographic Channel’s series “Combating Terror.”
TEASER: An image from National Geographic Channel’s series “Combating Terror.”

Exploring some of the radical new anti-terrorist designs and technologies that help keep terror attacks at bay is National Geographic Channel’s brand new series “Combating Terror” that goes on air from September 11. Since technology is the key to outsmarting terror, the series will showcase bomb-sniffing buses, futuristic smart guns and hi-energy car bomb finders to combat future terrorist attacks. Through dramatic documentary reconstruction, extensive research, interviews with experts, archival footage and computer-generated imagery the series showcases counter-offensive launched by the authorities against terrorists.

The first episode “Outsmarting Terror” on September 11 investigates the latest cutting-edge technologies that are pushing the limits on the war on terror. It takes a look at new “bomb-sniffing” buses that can potentially stop suicide bombers in their tracks and also at buildings that can actually brace for impact and see the development of “smart” guns that can shoot around corners.

“Bus 174” on September 12 focuses on an incident of June 12, 2000, in which a bus filled with passengers was hijacked in Rio de Janeiro in broad daylight. It also shows how the kidnapper was doomed to become a bandit.

“Iranian Embassy Siege” on September 13 brings to life the dramatic operation launched by the Special Air Service to rescue 26 hostages at the Iranian Embassy in London. Six armed terrorists had stormed into the embassy and held 26 people hostages. This episode uses dramatic documentary reconstruction, archival footage, graphics and key interviews with those involved.

The 1972 Munich Olympics holds significant promise, offering a chance to showcase a new Germany after World War II. However, this hopeful beginning meets a tragic end on September 5 when Palestinian terrorists kill two Israeli athletes and capture nine others. Episode “Munich Olympic Massacre” on September 14 will show police struggling to handle the crisis as the terrorists anticipate their every move. Bringing to life the deadliest hijacking ever is “African Hijack” on September 17. This episode is on the hijacking of an Ethiopian Airlines B-767 aircraft en route from Addis Ababa to Kenya on November 23, 1996.“Pentagon 9-11” on September 18 is about the hijacking by terrorists on September 11, 2001, of an American Airlines flight. Less than an hour later, it slams directly into Pentagon’s West Wall at nearly 530 mph, destroying 30 structural columns and killing 184 innocent people and the five terrorists. The episode deconstructs second-by-second one of the tragic events that led to one of the worst days of terrorist attacks on American soil.

“Hijacked” on September 19 shows events that unfold after the hijacking of an Air France Airbus carrying 239 people by four Algerian terrorists.

Taking a comprehensive look into the drama unfolding after the hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814 in 1999 is “Air Hijack” airing on September 20. Five hijackers carrying guns, knives and grenades force the pilots to fly to Lahore and finally to Kandhar in Afghanistan when the Taliban were at the helm of affairs.

“Terror In The Skies” on September 21 shows a member of the terrorist organisation, Egypt ’s Revolution, and two accomplices hijack the Egypt Air Flight 648 on November 23, 1985.

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