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Five years the minimum age for Class 1 in Delhi

One-year pre-primary class before Class 1

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Cabinet on Monday fixed the minimum age for admission to Nursery class at four years (on March 31) and for admission to Class 1 at five years. It also decided to allow running of play schools by public schools that have the necessary infrastructure and to have round-the-clock security at all the Government schools.

Following the meeting that was chaired by her, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said pre-primary education would now be uniformly of one-year duration and it would be immediately before Class 1. Stating that this class would be uniformly known as pre-primary, she said the cut-off date for calculation of age would be March 31 of the year of admission.

Hence a child should have completed a minimum of five years on or before March 31 of the year of admission to get entry into Class 1.

The Chief Minister said the Cabinet also decided that the schools possessing necessary infrastructure facilities would also be allowed to open pre-school classes for children below the age of four years.

However, the age for admission to pre-primary class would continue to be four years.

It was mentioned that the Department of Education would also introduce a one-year pre-primary class in all Government schools within three years and for this an expenditure of Rs.15 crore has been earmarked. The introduction of pre-primary class would require additional classrooms and recruitment of teachers in 365 Sarvodaya Vidyalaya.

Ms. Dikshit said as far as the procedure for admission to Nursery class is concerned, the Delhi Government has decided to make the entire process transparent and objective. The time schedule for Nursery admissions and admission process would be uniform and time-bound for all schools. This process would begin from the first week of December and all schools would display the list of selected children as well as waitlisted children by February 15.

They would also adopt a standardised registration form to elicit answers from the parents.

The Chief Minister said the concept of interviewing the children would be completely done away with and it had been decided that there would be no observation of children either in formal or informal conditions to decide their admissions. While parents would be given sufficient time to pay the fee, to ensure transparency the schools would be required to display on their website the list of selected candidates with weightage points, cut-off point and the date for draw of lots at the last stage to break the tie, list of wait-listed children with details and list of all other registered children with details of weightage point.

The Chief Minister said that to provide proper security and safety in Government schools, the Cabinet has also approved the hiring of security guards by the Directorate of Education from agencies empanelled by the Directorate-General of Resettlement, Ministry of Defence.