Parul Sharma

“India can learn a thing or two from the amazing state of preparedness”

“The kind of infrastructure that they have created is simply amazing”
“China has come up as a very positive brand”

NEW DELHI: With the Capital gearing up for the Commonwealth Games in 2010, the authorities here could perhaps learn a thing or two from the “amazing state of preparedness” of their Chinese counterparts who will host the Olympics next year, feels Ankita Mehta, a student of Delhi University’s Faculty of Management Studies who visited China recently.

Reminiscing about her 10-day trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Kunming, Ankita -- who was a member of a 100-member Indian youth delegation -- says she was struck by the infrastructure development of the neighbouring Asian giant.

“The kind of infrastructure that they have created is simply amazing. Their state of preparedness for the Olympics is great. This can be replicated in India for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The arrangements there are so good that they can hold the Olympics any time now. The preparation for the Olympics is proof of the mammoth strides the country is taking towards becoming an even larger superpower,” she says.

Ankita and Viral Nagar, both from FMS, represented the management fraternity among the delegation comprising social activists, sportspersons and performing artists, along with others, that visited China from June 6 to 16.

This was the second such Indian youth delegation to visit China in a year, the first one being in October 2006.

Calling it an “enriching experience with loads of cultural, diplomatic and educational exposure,” both are quite fascinated with China having emerged as a “brand” for the rest of the world.

“Everywhere you go there is a conscious attempt to brand China. As the country seeks to establish itself globally and attract more foreign investors and tourists, the need is felt to shed off its Asian image and don a brand new cosmopolitan look. I have not seen or heard of a branding exercise of this magnitude before,” says Viral.

Agrees Ankita, who says China has come up as a “very positive” brand. “It has all been planned out very strategically. Wherever you go in China, you get a very positive feeling and you go back with fond memories.”

The duo also visited the Great Hall of People -- the parliament building of China -- Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone, manufacturing plant of a car company and three universities.

“The higher education system in China is very similar to ours. Their examination system and internal evaluation is pretty much the same, though the management education perspective is a little different. E-MBA is a rage there. Part-time courses are more popular than the full-time ones,” says Ankita.