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It has low levels of artery clogging fatty acid

NEW DELHI: It's official. Beating refined oils and the health-friendly olive oil, it is mustard oil that seems to be best for your heart.

Packed with lower levels of saturated fats, cholesterol reducing and anti-oxidant properties and even essential vitamins, switching to cooking in mustard oil could well be the wisest health investment you can make.

Mustard oil is found to have very low levels of artery clogging saturated fatty acid and high levels of good omega 3 fatty acid and mono-unsaturated fatty acid and thus score over other cooking mediums including refined oils, olive oil and soybean oil.

"Coronary heart disease is emerging as a leading cause of death worldwide and South Asian are especially prone to this. While deaths due to infections and other causes are coming down, heart- related diseases are registering an upsurge. Unhealthy cooking oil brings home harmful higher levels of cholesterol, saturated fats and trans-fatty acid which when combined with an unhealthy diet, stress, smoking and lack of exercise causes hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases,'' said Prof. S. C. Manchanda, eminent cardiologist and senior consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, at a Mustard Research Promotion Consortium here.

On the occasion, the country first AGMARK grade certified organic mustard oil, P. Sanjeevani, was also launched.

Prof. Manchanda said: "Cardiologists comparing the nutritional benefits of mustard oil with olive oil have come to a conclusive proof of its superiority.''

Speaking about its benefits, clinical nutritionist and director of Whole Food Ishii Khosla said: "Mustard oil is rich in good fatty acids. Also, organic oils are preferred as they are free of pesticides that go a long way in preventing stomach and blood related ailments and also various types of cancer. It also helps in detoxifying the human body.''