Deadly road

With so many subways constructed in and around Lutyens' Delhi, one wonders if they have all come up at the right location. That's because there are certain roads in the city that desperately need a subway because of the never-ending vehicular traffic, making things difficult for pedestrians. The Ashoka Road stretch from Dak Bhawan to Shangrila Hotel is a case in point.

Throughout the day and even till late evening, the motorway remains busy. In the absence of a subway and with the divider on the road being extremely narrow, walkers find it very difficult to cross the road.

The other day a friend left for home late in the evening. As there was continuous traffic movement on the road, he had to wait for 10 minutes to cross and reach the divider. He could barely manage to stand on it and was nearly hit by the car coming from the opposite direction. He had to stand in that precarious position for a good five minutes before he could cross.

One wonders how the elderly manage on a road like this.

-- Parul Sharma

Down melody lane

Noted flautist Ronu Majumdar, who is described as "the King of Bansuri" by music connoisseurs, struck a chord with prisoners at the high-security Tihar Central Jail in the Capital when he visited them this past week.

During his face-to-face interaction, he touched their hearts when he said: "No human is a born criminal, everyone is innocent at heart."

To reach out to the prisoner, Pandit Majumdar played his sequential tunes. Moved by their enthusiasm, the flautist also sang Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajan "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram... ." and another patriotic song, "Sare Jahan Se Acchha Hindustan Hamara... ."

Panditji also promised to devote his next album to the prisoners of Tihar. The event was organised by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

-- Madhur Tankha

Traffic violation unabated

While the Delhi police often take the plea that they are unable to check traffic violations properly because the fine amounts are too low to deter people, their inability to proactively take steps for ensuring orderliness on the roads is leading to a situation where people flout the rules right under their nose.

What is worse is that inaction on the part of the police has emboldened the law-breakers.

At the railway crossing between Bhairon Marg and ITO on Ring Road, people use the gap on the railway tracks to take a U-turn on the busy road. What has made their job easier is that the road at the level crossing was laid recently and has now almost come up to the level of the main road.

Though numerous police officers drive by the spot as it is on Ring Road and barely two kilometres from the Police Headquarters, nothing has been done so far to challan those who take the U-turn in violation of the rules and in the process pose a grave threat to vehicles moving down Ring Road.

On the Noida Bund Road between Vikas Marg and the rail-over-bridge near Akshardham Temple, an illegal gap has been created on the central verge by some people living in nearby colonies, particularly School Block Shakarpur, as it makes it convenient for them to cross the road. However, the gap that has come up barely 50 metres from the Chungi post of the Delhi police has all the ingredients of becoming a major accident site. Still, the police personnel turn a blind eye to those motorists and other vehicle users who avail of it. It is time stringent action is taken against wrongdoers to send out a message that violations of law will not be tolerated.

-- Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar