Madhur Tankha

NEW DELHI: Noted filmmaker Eliane de Latour's films will be screened at a two-day festival, "Rendezvous with French Cinema", which opens at 72 Lodhi Estate here this coming Sunday.

Discussion after each screening

Organised by Alliance Francaise de Delhi and the Embassy of France, it will offer film lovers a chance to meet the activist filmmaker who will be participating in a discussion after the screening of her every film.

"Les Oiseaux Du Ciel" that will be shown on March 25 is set in a Spanish port. The film is about two friends who dream of returning to their Ivory Coast homeland as triumphant heroes. But a police raid seals their fate.

While Otho is deported and returns empty-handed without making money, Shad runs away from the authorities and stumbles upon Tango with whom he pursues his conquest of Europe.

Another film by Eliane de Latour titled "Bronx-Barbes" will also be screened the same day.

After accidentally committing murder, two boys from an African shantytown seek shelter in the Bronx ghetto. They soon become members of a gang. Violence and partying mark their daily lives. However, the older boy, Toussaint, seeks the protection of "old father" Tyson. He adapts to the laws founded on honour and respect for the elders. On the other hand, Toussaint's friend Nixon feels abandoned and their relationship suffers. He rebels against the "Miami right" that allows an older father to take a share of the son's booty.

Much celebrated movie

On March 26, "Contes Et Decomptes De La Cour" will be screened.

Selected for numerous national and international film festivals, this film is about men of high social status who are polygamous. It has won the European Television Award and the Golden Hugo Award at the Festival of Chicago.