Air pollution

I am a resident of Curzon Road Apartments on Kasturba Gandhi Marg in New Delhi. This housing complex is occupied by several families and children of Central Government officers. Across the road, the Maharashtra Government has started construction of a new Maharashtra Sadan, which includes demolition of an old building and construction of a new complex. Due to this activity, there is a dense accumulation of dust particles in the air all around all day posing a health hazard not only to the residents but also to passers-by in the area. Normally some sort of thick sheet fencing is put up around the area of a construction site to minimise the spread of dust. This has not been done in this case.

The Maharashtra Government is requested to take immediate steps to check the air pollution it is causing in the area.

K. Vikram Simha Rao,


Curzon Road Apartments,

Kasturba Gandhi Marg,

New Delhi - 110 001.

Can't trust `em

I have subscribed to the Senior Citizens' Unit Plan-1993 (Membership No. SC9740010001990). Under this scheme, the Unit Trust of India buys insurance premium for the first seven years by using the units in the subscriber's account. My last insurance premium was purchased on 1-4-2003, but in the statement for 2003-2004, which I received only in November 2005, I noticed that they had deducted twice the units against purchase of insurance premium on 01-04-2003.

Since November 2005 I have been sending them requests and reminders for refund by e-mail and ordinary post but I have not got any reply so far nor any statement for the years after 2003-2004.

I have even made a complaint through their website (December 14; No.7324) but in vain.

I look forward to some action now.

N. K. Rajagopalan,

B-10-7462, Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi - 110 070.

Railways' ways

Every Indian travelling by the Indian Railways must have suffered the loss of precious time, money and mental peace. I wish to share with other readers the complaint I filed with the Railways on January 25 at New Delhi station, knowing well that these complaints end up in the dustbins of railway offices.

"Train No.4731 New Delhi-Bathinda Inter-City Express has been running late every day for many months. Thousands of passengers have suffered mental torture and financial losses due to its regular late running for hours together. To torture passengers even more, journey by alternative trains on the route is not allowed due to the archaic rule of three-hours-late as a must for either refund or alternative train journey. This is utter insensitivity towards the passengers and causing the nation a loss of lakhs of hours in manpower and productive work -- lost due to the stupid wait at station for many hours. Is there no accountability for this national loss?"

Chaman Lal,

Professor, CIL(SLL&CS),


New Delhi - 110 067.

Can't bank on `em

Despite being one of the oldest nationalised banks, the Bank of India is not ready to satisfy its customers in Delhi living near Chandni Chowk, Darya Ganj, Ansari Road and Delhi Gate. Private players like ICICI, UTI and HDFC have started operations recently in these business districts and have earned a good reputation already by installing several ATMs in the area. The Bank of India, on the other hand, has been claiming for the past three years that it will open ATMs in these busy markets soon. But not one new ATM has come up so far.

How long can one wait?

Abdul Aziz,

Manager, Islamic Education Board of India,

4414/7, Ansari Road,

Darya Ganj,

New Delhi - 110 002.

Speed Post?

The Directorate of Post is announcing new schemes every now and then, the latest being a single rate for Speed Post. But is it really Speed Post?

A letter sent to me from Bangalore by Speed Post on January 22 has reached me here in Ambikapur after seven days -- on January 29! Mind you, Ambikapur is a district headquarters of the State of Chhattisgarh.

It looked as if the letter had been forwarded by pigeon post!

Anand R. Kundaji,

C/o R. K. Shrivastava,

Rajendra Ward Darri Para,

Ambikapur - 497 001,


Hello, MTNL....

Hello, this is Febin Ignatious again. My complaint against MTNL was published in these columns on January 8. Things moved thereafter and now my Internet connection is absolutely fine. But I had to bear a great loss: while the MTNL staff were rectifying my problem, they used up more than 200 MB from my 500 MB quota, for which I have had to pay more than Rs. 200.

I look forward to MTNL making good the loss suffered by me.

Febin Ignatious,


Raj Nagar Part-I,

Palam Colony,

New Delhi - 110 045.

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