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Duped banks for over Rs. 47 lakhs

NEW DELHI: Two persons have been arrested by the South-West Delhi police for allegedly cheating the State Bank of India and many other private banks of Rs. 47 lakhs by procuring credit cards on the basis of forged papers and using them indiscriminately.

The Credit Card Fraud Control Unit of the State Bank of India had lodged a complaint with the South-West Delhi police about two persons, identified as Anil Kumar Sen and Mahender Singh, who were procuring credit cards fraudulently.

Following investigations, the police arrested the two accused on Sunday. They recovered 19 credit cards, three fake driving licences, four PAN cards, a fake voter identity card, fake documents, 25 statements of accounts from various banks, several bills and two cheque books from them.

The police also seized a Hyundai Santro car, costly furniture, gold jewellery, cellular phones and domestic appliances that the accused had bought using the ill-gotten credit cards. They also recovered Rs. 15,000 in cash from the duo.

Investigations revealed that with the help of forged documents, the accused would acquire the credit cards at addresses that they would rent only for acquiring the card.

They would then use it indiscriminately and leave the premises within a few days. They also assumed various names like Pritpal Singh, Mukesh Kumar Verma, Vijender Singh, Ram Kumar, Yashwant Kumar and Raj Kumar to get the credit cards.