Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Lakshya, Pepper, Mili, Rakhee... these are some of the models for an interesting 2007 calendar. Lakshya is an old bullock, Pepper a loving dog, Mili a lamb, and Rakhee a camel.

These are just some of the animals that feature in this unique calendar called "Rescued" released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA. "Rescued" talks about the stories of these animals, their suffering, how they were rescued and given a new lease of life.

Every month in the calendar has a new inspiring tale and features a beautiful, full-colour portrait of the rescued animal.

Also, each story includes valuable tips for anyone who wants to join the battle against animal suffering and to contribute in a positive manner.

"Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to us to speak for them," says PETA India Chief Functionary Anuradha Sawhney.