Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: In view of the upcoming Commonwealth Games, a detailed action plan has been put into implementation on 56 roads and lanes in Paharganj where over 500 hotels and lodges have been functioning and which are expected to host thousands of visitors during the international sporting event in the Capital next year.

On Thursday, Delhi Urban Development and Finance Minister A. K. Walia visited the area along with Delhi Mayor Kanwar Sain to see the progress of the project under which a facelift is being given to Paharganj at a cost of Rs.80 crore by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Re-laying roads

Officials accompanying the two leaders informed that 56 roads and lanes are covered by the project. The roads are being re-laid and resurfaced with half-concrete portion and another half with pebbles; the second part will be used for parking. Another parking for 100 cars is being built near Shiela Cinema on the main road and it will be managed with the help of the hotel associations and would be available exclusively to visitors. An information stall is also coming up.

Hanging wires

As part of the scheme, all hanging wires in the area would be removed and a separate duct would be developed to provide space for wires and pipes of different services. For this, the MTNL, Delhi Jal Board and power distribution companies have been taken on board.

During the inspection, Dr. Walia emphasised the importance of adhering to uniformity and aesthetics while upgrading the Paharganj area. He said the new look should match with the other development works being undertaken by various agencies.

Hotels in Paharganj would play an important role during the Games as they would supplement the availability of accommodation for visitors.