Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum has alleged that several officials at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences here have been provided with chauffer-driven cars though they are not entitled to such a facility.

In a statement, Vikas Bajpai of the Forum pointed out that as per the government norms, only a person of the secretary rank is entitled to a chauffer-driven car, the rest are to be provided cars from the common pool on as and when required basis. “The Government talks about austerity, while its own Ministers and officials who act in its violation are never held to account for their actions,” he charged. Also, he said that while some of its officials spend lakhs on renovation of their houses, preparations are afoot to transfer the burden of the austerity drive on to the common people by resorting to indirect privatisation at AIIMS.

“AIIMS recently advertised some faculty posts to be filled on contract basis. This move is motivated purely by the objective of hiring people to the faculty who would be totally subservient to the administration in a hope that they would subsequently be regularised. They would also be in no position to carry out any meaningful research due to short periods of their tenure,” he pointed out.

Dr. Bajpai said moves were on to reinvent AIIMS in a corporate mould in the form of implementation of Valliathan Committee recommendations. “It means that such Institutes should serve the interests of big business at the cost of the interests of the common people,” he said.