Staff Reporter

‘Reject Valiathan Committee report’

NEW DELHI: Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum, which consists of a group of faculty members from the All-India of Medical Sciences here, has written to the Institute president Ghulam Nabi Azad saying they are “pained to see the moves to reinvent AIIMS in a corporate mould in the form of implementation of Valiathan Committee report”.

“The report has sought conversion of AIIMS from a people institute to an institute serving corporate interests. It has recommended that members of pharma industry and business bodies be empanelled on the research council and the decisions making bodies of AIIMS at different level in consultation with bodies like FICCI, CII and ASSOCHAM,” said the letter.

The Forum has also noted that the Valiathan Committee report makes institutional autonomy, leading to excellence, the basic rationale for suggesting changes in the AIIMS Act that will ultimately lead to increasing degrees of privatisation.

“The report has tried to commit AIIMS to a revenue generation model under the guise of promoting institutional autonomy,” said a faculty member.

The Forum has demand that recommendations of the Valiathan Committee be out-rightly rejected and designs to commercialise services at AIIMS in any form be stopped.