New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has upheld the dismissal of a State Bank of India manager who was sacked from his job for showing an undue favour towards a customer exposing the bank to a risk of Rs.70 lakh.

Although there was no financial loss caused to the Bank, a Bench comprising Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Mool Chand Garg upheld K Raj Arora’s dismissal after noting that the manager repeatedly indulged in irregularities with respect to one group of companies.

“The incidents cannot be said to be trivial merely on account of negligence. They are repeated incidents and by a person like a Bank Manager who has a fiduciary capacity and knows the significance of caution in commercial transactions,” the court said.

The court asked the bank to consider giving pensionary benefits to Arora who was dismissed 14 years ago. - PTI