Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: To tackle the problem of bullock-carts missing in action after being officially procured by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to cart away garbage in the Capital’s Shahdara (South) Zone, the civic body now plans to micro-chip the bullocks to find out their exact location and keep track of them.

The announcement was made by Municipal Commissioner K. S. Mehra at a meeting of the MCD Standing Committee after Shahdara (South) Zone chairman Kanwar Sen alleged that while on paper bullock-carts were being provided by the Corporation in his zone, not one was actually visible on the ground.

Citing records, the Commissioner confirmed that a total of 320 bullock-carts had been provided to the zone.

“It is an open secret,” said Dr. Sen, “that the people employed by the MCD to run these bullock-carts are hand in glove with the civic body officials and are drawing salaries by reporting to work on paper but are actually never seen with any bullock-carts.”

Work hampered

“Since roads in several areas in our zone are too small to accommodate tractors, it is bullock-carts that are needed to remove garbage and aid development work in the area and their absence is greatly hampering the pace of work in Shahdara South Zone,” he added.

Explaining the MCD’s plan to check this problem, Mr. Mehra said: “We have been facing this problem for some time and have come up with the solution of micro-chipping the bullocks.”