Smriti Kak Ramachandran

She may address five rallies across the Capital

‘Bhaichara Banao Committees’ in each Assembly segment

NEW DELHI: The Congress refuses to acknowledge the BSP as a “threat” in the Assembly elections and the BJP is candidly counting on the ‘elephant’ to play the spoiler for the Congress, but for the party itself, it is time to romp home with another victory.

The party, which has cautiously steered clear of announcing its poll strategy and even the agenda, has just one assertion to make, “Wait for Behenji (BSP supremo Mayawati) and then get ready for the surprise!”

Buoyed by the victory of its candidates in the municipal elections last year, the party has pulled out all stops to see “Behenji trounce the Congress and the BJP.”

“We are not bothered by what the Congress or the BJP has to say about our performance. We are not here to cut into their votes banks; we are here to win,” said a senior party functionary here on Saturday.

Claiming that Ms. Mayawati would soon be on her way to Delhi to address the cadres and pep up the contestants, the party functionary said: “Look at what we did in the municipal elections, and this when Behenji herself was not here! This time she will address rallies, she will reach out to people, so we are confident of a landslide victory.”

Starting this past Friday, a group of 5,000 people from Uttar Pradesh who are part of Municipal Councils, Municipal Boards and other officials have been sent out to pave the way for the BSP’s victory carriage.

“We have set up ‘Bhaichara Banao Committees’ in each Assembly segment and from Ministers to MLAs to ordinary party workers, everyone has been actively working instead of making tall claims about their achievements or making false promises,” said another party worker.

“There is great enthusiasm among the party workers about Behenji’s visit. She is likely to address at least five rallies in the seven parliamentary constituencies,” said the party worker.