Staff Reporter

“Little traffic, less crowd on the road”

NEW DELHI: The tragic incident in which two people lost their lives and over a dozen sustained injuries when a Delhi Metro railway span collapsed at Laxmi Nagar here on Sunday could have acquired a much larger dimension had it been a normal working day.

“It being Sunday morning there was little traffic on the road. The usual morning rush of office-goers, students and shopkeepers was missing. Had it been a normal weekday many more lives would have been lost. It is exactly where students wait for their bus in the morning that the launcher and the concrete slabs had landed. The very thought of the possible tragedy is frightening,” said Bijender, a property dealer who lives close to the accident site.

‘Still in a daze’

Mohammad Haidar Ali, who works at a fruit juice corner, is still in a daze. “I had just got up and was standing outside the shop when I heard a loud sound. It appeared as if an earthquake had hit. For the next few minutes, there was dust all around and I could not see anything. When the dust settled, I saw the huge girder and some concrete slabs lying on the road. Soon there were hundreds of people out on the road, but no one had any idea what had happened.”

Sanjay Valmiki Gehlot, who was among the first few to lend a helping hand to the injured, recounted: “I was standing just a few steps away from the piers when the launcher and the slabs came crashing down. It was a gory scene. Many people had their hands and legs severed. I saw a severed hand of a labourer hanging from one of the slabs. Trapped under the debris, a trailer driver was screaming for help. We tried to remove the heavy slab over him, but it could not be lifted. Bus driver Surender was also crushed when he was finally pulled out after cutting the mangled cab of the bus.”

“Earlier a girder fell on a call centre cab near Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital at a Metro rail construction site and now two people have been killed today. It has, no doubt, tarnished the image of DMRC, which is known for its professionalism,” Dildar Ahmed, a shopkeeper.