Sandeep Joshi

8,543 telemarketers have been fined

19,163 telemarketers have registered with DoT

NEW DELHI: The ‘National Do-Not-Call’ (NDNC) Registry set up a year ago as per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) directions to uncheck unsolicited telemarketing calls has largely been successful in helping telecom subscribers and has succeeded in checking the telemarketers.

“So far 10,151 telephone lines of telemarketers have been disconnected on account of repeated violation of the Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulations, 2007. Out of these, 8,602 are of those telemarketers who are not registered with the Department of Telecommunications. Further, 8,543 telemarketers have been fined Rs.500 and 2,801 have been fined Rs.1,000 for violation of NDNC rule,” informed a senior TRAI official.

Stating that so far 19,163 telemarketers had registered with the DoT, the official said in the one year of its operations, there was a significant reduction in the number of telemarketing calls to registered subscribers of NDNC Registry. “In the past six months, around 81,000 complaints were received by various service providers out of which more than 79,000 complaints have been addressed,” the official added.

So far, over 1.8 crore subscribers had registered themselves, while the total subscriber base is over 34 crore, which means only around 5 per cent of the total subscribers in the country do not want to receive unsolicited commercial calls. Out of these registered subscribers, around 40 per cent are from the metros of Delhi, Mumbai and the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Some of the other States where the number of registered subscribers is significant are Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, the official added.