Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Claiming that only 2,595 girls have benefited from the much-trumpeted “Ladli” scheme so far despite 87,470 having applied for it by the first week of September this year, Delhi BJP president Harsh Vardhan on Monday charged that all the schemes started by the Delhi government have been “failing” despite much fanfare surrounding their launch.

He said the main reason for “failure” of the scheme had been the delay in scrutiny of applications. “Previously, the work of scrutiny was given to an allied institution of the SBI, but the government was not satisfied with its work. Now, AIIMS Consultant has been assigned the work of scrutiny of the applications. But the speed has slowed down further.”

He charged that the government was not interested in implementing the scheme.

Dr. Vardhan said the fate of the Ladli scheme reminded him of the much talked about Bhagidari scheme under which Rs.1.68 crore was spent on lunch and dinner alone during the past five years. But now most of the RWAs representatives were repenting having participated in the scheme that was an image-building exercise of the government at the cost of the public exchequer.

Under “Ladli,” Rs.11,000 is deposited by the government for a girl child born after January 1, 2008.

In addition, after admission of the girl to Class I, VI, IX and XII respectively, the government had pledged to deposit Rs.5,000 in her account which will be released to the girl on attaining the age of 18 years. The scheme is open only to people having a family income of less than Rs.1 lakh per year.