Staff Reporter

Anti-aircraft guns installed to counter any airborne attack

147 companies of forces deployed at Red Fort

Arrangements made for aerial reconnaissance

NEW DELHI: Amid inputs about terrorists planning to create disturbances, unprecedented security measures are in place in the Capital to ensure peaceful Independence Day celebrations at the historic Red Fort here on Friday.

The venue from where the Prime Minister will address the nation has been virtually turned into a fortress with heavy deployment of armed personnel. In all, 147 companies, including personnel of the Central Police Forces, have been deployed in and around Red Fort. In the early hours of Friday, snipers will take positions on rooftops of nearby buildings.

Anti-sabotage checks will be conducted by the bomb detection and disposal squads till the arrival of the Prime Minister at the venue to rule out the possibility of any explosives being planted in the area. The police have also made arrangements for aerial reconnaissance. The VIP routes leading up to Red Fort will be turned into a no-fly zone during the function and anti-aircraft guns have been installed to counter any airborne attack.

Those attending the function have been advised not to bring along any bag, briefcase, eatables, electronic gadgets, camera, binocular, mobile phone, palm-top computer, inflammable substance and water bottle. They would not be allowed to carry even electronic car keys. They will also be required to bring identification documents. The police have also requested the general public to immediately report about any suspicious object to security personnel.

Besides, plainclothes personnel have been deployed at vital installations to keep a close watch of suspicious activities.