The State owns property worth crores in the National Capital

Haryana wants Delhi to hand over the property or give alternate land or pay the market rate

Delhi is only ready to pay the rate that was prevalent when the case was first taken up

New Delhi: Haryana’s demand to hand over its property worth crores of rupees situated in the National Capital has put the Delhi Government, which is hankering for land for various projects, in a tight spot with the former mulling to move court over the issue. In a high-level meeting held recently, Haryana officials asked their counterparts in Delhi to either hand over around 500 acres of property owned by them in the city or give alternate land or pay the market rate.

“The Delhi Government is neither handing over our property nor giving us alternate land. It is also not ready to pay us the market rate. They are just dragging the matter which reflects its intentions,” M.K. Lamba, Superintendent Engineer, Flood and Irrigation Department of Haryana Government said. “If it further delays, we will have no option but to take the Delhi Government to the court, though we would like to settle the matter through negotiations,” he added.

Giving details of some of the property that belonged to Haryana, the official said, “Around 142 acres of land in Shalimar Bagh and Azad Market is being utilised by DDA, MCD and Home Ministry, while 30 acres of land which is currently abandoned exist in Mundaka village.”

Also, he said of the 58.40 acres land in Bawana, DSIDC and Flood and Irrigation Department were using at least 47 acres of land without any authorisation. In total, land around 500 acres belongs to Haryana, the official said.

Mr. Lamba said the property initially belonged to the Union Territory of Chandigarh and was later transferred to Haryana through a notification in 1966 when the State was created. Most of the property is situated along the canal owned by the neighbouring State.

Haryana has also demanded change in land use of its property in Bawana (13.25 acres) and Shalimar Bagh (95 acres) near Pitampura and Khera Khurd (38.69 acres) and at some other places.

“We have also asked the Delhi Government to change the land use to commercial and residential purposes depending on the surrounding land which it is not agreeing for unknown reasons,” he said.

The demand from Haryana, however, has not gone down well with the Delhi Government which itself is facing acute land shortage for its projects especially those lined up for housing and 2010 Commonwealth Games.

“How can we give them alternate land when we are already short of it. We have agreed to pay them the rate that was prevalent when the case was first taken up. But they are not ready to accept our proposal,” Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta said. -- PTI