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Cheese Guru: Will Studd in the series “Cheese Slices” on Discovery Travel and Living.
Cheese Guru: Will Studd in the series “Cheese Slices” on Discovery Travel and Living.

Exploring one of the world’s oldest natural man-made foods is Discovery Travel and Living’s brand new series “Cheese Slices” that goes on the air on July 22.

To showcase and explain the origin of mouth-watering traditional cheeses, the 10-episode series -- to be telecast every Tuesday -- will take food connoisseurs to an extraordinary odyssey through the world’s definitive cheese producing regions.

The icing on the cake and not the cheese is that celebrated author and an authority on cheese, Will Studd, will explore the tastes behind benchmark cheeses for all those who share a passion for crumbly farm cheddar, oozing brie and a lingering chevre.

In this first-of-its-kind series, Will Studd will share his deep knowledge and unquenchable passion for hand-made cheese through an in-depth exploration of its unique production methods and their origins.

Addressing a press conference here, Will Studd, whose passion for cheese was ignited way back during the 1970s, said he was keen on doing a television show as it was important to acclimatise Generation X with some of the finest traditional cheeses.

“To protect the great traditional cheeses that are fast disappearing, I decided to do this comprehensive guide on sumptuous cheese. Actually, the taste of cheese depends on the place or country. Cows are fed different variety of food and their milk has distinct flavour,” said Studd, whose first book, “Chalk and Cheese”, won a string of awards.

“If we want to continue to enjoy great cheese with interesting flavours and textures, we need to encourage a better understanding of the wonderful varieties available today and what makes them so different to predictable mass produced cheese,” said Studd, who has established a successful business distributing some of the world’s finest cheeses ever since he migrated to Australia during the 1970s.

The series has been filmed across three continents. The focus will be on Gorgonzola that is described as the grand daddy of all European blue cheeses made from cow’s milk, Parmigiano Reggiano – the undisputed king of Italian cheese made by old fashion way, Pecorino – one of the most ancient European cheeses produced by a group of social reformers in the 1970s and the famous cheddar cheese from England.

Also part of the line-up is Camembert – a potent symbol of French cheese made under strict rules from un-pasteurised milk, the legend of Roquefort, the most popular blue cheese of France and some unusual varieties made by hand from raw milk found in Ireland.

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