Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: For resident doctors and research and medical students staying in the hostels of the All-India Institute of Medical Science here, “sterilised, clean drinking water” will no longer be a luxury.

Having fought to keep viral hepatitis, gastroenteritis and other water-related diseases at bay each summer year after year, the AIIMS hostels are finally being equipped with reverse osmosis water units.

“Before the onset of the monsoon we will be able to benefit from the water treatment plants that will be installed in the hostels. The good news has come after over a year of work with the hospital authorities, convincing them about the need for better quality drinking water. Finally we have been told that reverse osmosis water units will be set up,” said the AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association president, Dr. Kumar Harsh. “Though conventional filters have been in use they haven’t been able to keep a check on water-related diseases that come up every year. Those staying in hostels are dependent on the water supply ,” said Dr. Harsh.