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Be careful while choosing between course and college, says V-C

Teacher, student counsellors answer queries

NEW DELHI: Welcoming prospective students of Delhi University and their parents, Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental on Wednesday said newcomers should be careful while choosing between course and college.

“Most students have this confusion about course and college. If you like a particular subject, it does not matter which college you go to. Some colleges have a better ambience, but if you are very keen on a subject, then follow the subject,” he advised students at the first “Open Day” session on the South Campus.

“If you do not get admission in any of the better established colleges, that does not mean the end of the road as ultimately everyone gets a degree from Delhi University,” Prof. Pental said. The V-C also urged newcomers to participate in “community life” once they enter a college.

Dean of Students’ Welfare S.K. Vij said the University provided many other facilities to learners apart from academics. “Be it any course of the University, there will be ample scope for development.” Later, students and parents were divided on the basis of their streams and teachers and student counsellors answered their various queries.

“In all we had five sessions during the day. About 1,000 students and parents came on Wednesday. We are also running two helpline at the South Campus – 24119832 and 24116580,” said Dinesh C. Varshney, Deputy Dean of Students’ Welfare.

For the first time, the University is distributing “visiting cards” to the audience at the “Open Day” sessions. These cards bear the admission helpline numbers of the University along with the details of its website and e-mail address.

“A card comes in very handy as it becomes a ready reckoner for students later,” said Deputy Dean of Students’ Welfare Gurpreet Singh Tuteja.