Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The police claim to have identified the criminals who robbed the employees of a bank of Rs.34 lakh after shooting at and injuring the bank’s security guard in Delhi Cantonment on Wednesday evening. A hunt has been launched for them.

The breakthrough came after the victims gave the police the registration number of the Santro car used by the criminals. The owner of the vehicle disclosed that he had lent it to one of his neighbours a few months ago. The neighbour was not found in his house, raising suspicion about his involvement in the robbery.

The four employees of the Ghaziabad branch of Mahamedha Cooperative Bank had withdrawn Rs.50 lakh from the Punjabi Bagh branch of IndusInd Bank and were on their way to Mayapuri after depositing Rs.16 lakh in its Janakpuri branch when their Maruti-800 car was intercepted by a Santro car. About half-a-dozen masked men charged out of the vehicle and opened fire at the victims, injuring the security guard, A.B. Shukla, in the leg.

They then broke the rear windscreen of the Maruti car, snatched a bag containing Rs.34 lakh from the car’s occupants, and drove away. The security guard was rushed to a hospital by the other three.