J. Venkatesan

An indicative list of people who fall within this ambit

New Delhi: The following are among the list of persons who will fall within the ambit of creamy layer as per the Office Memorandum dated September 8, 1993:

(1) Group A/Class I Officers of the All India Central and State Services (Direct Recruits)

(a) parents, both of whom are Class I Officers;

(b) parents, either of whom is a Class I officer;

(c) a woman belonging to the OBC category, who has got married to a Class I officer, and may herself like to apply for a job.

(2) Group B/Class II officers of the Central and State Services (Direct Recruitment) son(s) and daughter(s) of

(a) parents both of whom are Class II officers;

(b) parents of whom only the husband is a Class II officer and he gets into Class I at the age of 40 or earlier;

PSU employees

(3) Employees in Public Sector Undertakings etc.

The criteria will apply mutatis mutandis to officers holding equivalent or comparable posts in PSUs, Banks, Insurance Organisations, Universities, etc. and also to equivalent or comparable posts and positions under private employment, pending the evaluation of the posts on equivalent or comparable basis in these institutions,

Defence personnel

(4) Armed forces, including paramilitary forces (persons holding civil posts are not included;)

Son(s) and daughter(s) of parents either or both of whom is or are in the rank of Colonel and above in the Army and to equivalent posts in the Navy and the Air Force and the Paramilitary Forces:

(5) Persons engaged in profession as a doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant, Income Tax consultant, financial or management consultant, dental surgeon, engineer, architect, computer specialist, film artistes and other film professional, author, playwright, sports persons, sports professional, media professional or any other vocations of the like status.

(6) Son(s) and daughter(s) of persons belonging to a family (father, mother and minor children) which owns only irrigated land which is equal to or more than 85 per cent of the statutory area.

Income slab

Son(s) and daughter(s) of(a) persons having gross annual income of Rs. 2.50 lakh or above or possessing wealth above the exemption limit as prescribed in the Wealth Tax Act for a period of three consecutive years;

(i) Income from salaries or agricultural land shall not be clubbed;

(ii) The income criteria in terms of rupee will be modified taking into account the change in its value every three years;

If the situation, however, so demands, the interregnum may be less.

(The above list is not exhaustive, only indicative.)