Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways have decided to launch the Yuva Trains, series of trains with a pilot service between Delhi and Kolkata and Delhi and Mumbai soon.

Providing services to the unemployed youth, the fully air-conditioned train would have only chair car facilities and the total fare inclusive of all charges like reservation fee, superfast charges and development charges would not exceed Rs. 299 up to a distance of 1,500 km and would Rs. 399 for distance between 1,500 km to 2,500 kms.

While children would be charged half the fare, the special fares announced would be applicable to unemployed persons between the age group of 15 and 45 . The age would be ascertained on the basis of certificates issued under MGREGA and valid registration card issued by a government run employment exchange. Initially 60 percent of the capacity will be earmarked for the “yuva” category and the rest will be earmarked for the general passenger. The railways intend to review the arrangement after six months.