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Vehicles can quickly access any part of the airfield

Unique feature provides enhanced vision capability

NEW DELHI: A fleet of new state-of-the-art aircraft crash fire tenders has been commissioned at Indira Gandhi International Airport here in addition to the existing fleet of aircraft rescue and fire-fighting vehicles.

The Delhi International Airport (Private) Limited (DIAL) has inducted these vehicles manufactured by Rosenbauer International AG of Austria. This will boost the airport’s capability to respond to any aircraft or fire-related exigency.

“Fitted with an ultra-powerful engine, these vehicles can quickly access any part of the airfield while responding to emergencies. Their most unique feature is the ‘low visibility enhanced vision’ system that is guided by a forward-looking infra-red camera mounted on the cabin roof. This system provides enhanced vision capability even in smoky, foggy or dark environments by sensing thermal radiation instead of visible light,” a DIAL spokesperson said. According to officials, the system allows the driver to navigate the airport in poor visibility conditions by only looking at the screen displaying a thermal image of the surroundings that allows them to precede even in zero visibility conditions.

“Considering the difficult weather conditions at the airport during winter, we have installed this equipment on all new aircraft crash fire tenders. Built using advanced composite materials, the vehicles have a water capacity of 12,500 litres along with 1,500 litres of fire retardant foam and 500 kg of dry chemicals to fight fire. Their powerful pumps ensure that the roof-mounted jet can spray 6,000 litres per minute up to a distance of 90 metres,” they add.

DIAL fire-fighters have also been equipped with new helmets, aluminium-coated protective suits and boots, all complying with the global fire safety standards. This equipment would improve the efficiency of the fire-fighters while fully protecting them during their missions.

“Our fire-fighters have been trained in Hyderabad and Malaysia to fight crashing aircraft with fire or without fire and rescue passengers by keeping the lives as well as property risk at the lowest,” said the DIAL spokesperson.