Madhur Tankha

Magician B. Kamesh performs to impart values

NEW DELHI: Aimed at moulding students into responsible citizens of the country, a magic show on human values was performed by noted magician B. Kamesh at Summer Fields School in Kailash Colony here on Tuesday.

Organised by a non-government organisation, Indrajal Cultural Foundation, the special show began with the singing of “Vande Mataram” by students of the school. It was followed by a show of illusions that was a blend of entertainment and moral values.

Various illusions

In the beginning itself, Prof. Kamesh turned a walking stick into the national Tricolour and conveyed the message to the students that they should respect the national flag and the motherland. In response, the venue reverberated with shouts of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

The magician then turned burning flames into a silk cloth with a sign of “Namaskar” to highlight the importance of respecting teachers, parents and elders. In one of his favourite tricks, Prof. Kamesh made the dignitaries scribble meaningless lines on two slates. He then announced that even though these lines appeared to be meaningless they contained a profound meaning in them. Then he made the students chant the magic words and suddenly words appeared on slates such as “Literate yourself – liberate yourself”.

To encourage people to preserve our monuments and our cultural property, Prof. Kamesh performed some exclusive tricks. He displayed two Qutab Minar cut-outs of red and blue colours. He then covered these cut-outs with wooden covers of the corresponding colours. He then made the Qutab Minars switch places magically and when the audience tried to unearth the trick, he displayed the Qutab Minars in their natural colours.

To satiate the appetite of the audience, the magician took out beautiful silk pieces -- illustrating the national Tricolour, national emblem, lotus, peacock and tiger -- from his empty heritage box. Finally, he took out flags of different countries threaded to each other to show there exists not only national but also international integration.

Social themes

Well known for his theme-based performances, Prof. Kamesh says such shows will help mould the students into responsible citizens of the country.

He is the founder of the Indrajal Cultural Foundation that was established with the aim of promoting themes of social and national importance such as peace, values, literacy, art and culture, besides national integration throughout the country for overall improvement of the social health of society.

The show was sponsored by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development.