Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: A young man was injured in a mysterious blast near the Indian Institute of Technology here on Wednesday. The police, who initially took the bizarre incident for a bomb blast, have so far ruled out use of any crude explosives.

Panic gripped the area soon after news about the blast spread and senior district police officers rushed to the spot along with a team of forensic experts to collect evidence. Delhi Police Special Cell sleuths also visited the scene to assist the local police in the investigations.

The intriguing incident took place around 10-30 in the morning when Shiv Nath, an employee with a mobile phone service company, was on his way to Adhchini Gaon on a motorcycle. He heard an explosion near a streetlight but ignored it and moved on.

After covering some distance, he suddenly felt a warm tickling sensation behind his neck. He stopped to check and to his utter horror found that he was bleeding.

He parked his motorcycle at a nearby petrol pump and asked some women standing there to check if there were injuries on his back. They found bruises on his back.

The police who were then contacted did not find any evidence of explosives at the spot.

“No crater was found as it happens in the case of explosives. Even a crude bomb would have left some residue with a typical odour,” said a senior police officer.