Rajesh, his wife Monika and their son were killed in U.S.

Ambala: The parents of Rajesh Arora, who was killed along with his pregnant wife Monika and their three-year-old son allegedly by his father-in-law in Chicago, want to cremate the body of their son here.

Om Prakash, Rajesh’s father who runs a sewing machine shop in Ambala City, was in a state of depression on Thursday as he did not have any means to bring the bodies of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson to Ambala.

He, however, asked his niece Sunita, who is residing there, to make arrangement to send the three bodies to India. He asked her niece that if it was not possible to transport the charred bodies for cremation here, the ashes could be sent to his home.

‘Extorted money’

Om Prakash alleged that his son’s father-in-law Subhas Chander used to extort money from Rajesh and when he (Rajesh) refused to oblige him, he was eliminated.

Mr. Chander was reportedly upset with the marriage as it was done reportedly without his consent and that Mr. Kumar belonged to a “lower caste”.

Mr. Prakash said he had cordial relations with Rajesh and Monika after the marriage and ‘they used to speak to us on telephone’. He said the mother of Monika had visited their house a few months back.

He said that he was happy with the decision of his son to marry Monika. The parents of Monika also did not raise any objection to the marriage, Mr. Prakash claimed.

Sudesh Rani, mother of Rajesh, said she would request the U.S. Government to cancel the visa of Subhash Chander and that he should be prosecuted in an Indian court. -- PTI